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Moving Small Business at the Speed of Cloud

We’ve got over 25 years of experience in dealing with infrastructure. We’ve worked with all industries and companies of all shapes and size. From large enterprises to small business, you name it and we’ve done it. 

With all that experience, we’ve learned a couple of things – for one, we have a passion for small business. They are truly the engine that moves our country. We’ve also learned that the cloud can help resolve a lot of the challenges small businesses face. And after helping a few of them wreak the benefits, we recognized there is a much greater need…especially in unprecedented times like these.

This is now Aufsite’s sole focus – We’re helping our customers transform their small businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions. Through the cloud, we envision small businesses like yours building opportunity through cost-effective IT infrastructures and simplified management that ultimately enable you to focus on what matters most…your business.

Where we serve

Based out of New Jersey, Aufsite continues to provide cloud solutions to businesses in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Maryland & Delaware. However, our services are not limited to any one location, we can openly accommodate our clients no matter where they are located in the United States.

Our Team


Kal Rathod – Managing Director

Kal Rathod – Managing Director

With over two decades of experience in the technology space, Kal provides the leadership and guidance for Aufsite’s Sales & Marketing strategies. He is essential in driving revenue and building relationships with our clients and network of partners.

Kal has a Bachelor’s degree from Drexel University in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Management and Systems from New York University. Kal enjoys playing basketball and tennis, and he loves to travel with his family.

You can reach Kal via our contact us page

Farhan Haider – Managing Director

Syed Farhan Haider – Managing Director

Throughout his career, Farhan has served in many roles from SRE to Director. But no matter which hat he’s wearing, his goal is simple – to empower teams and thought leaders to differentiate themselves and drive results through innovative technology.

Being a passionate entrepreneur who understands business needs while having a strong technical background, Farhan is obsessed with devising technical solutions to solve problems that help small businesses get to the next level.

You can reach Farhan via our contact us page.


Nicole Roach

Project Coordinator 

Steve Sala

VP, Sales

Gary Bali

Support Lead Engineer

Giri Arumugam

DevOps Engineer

Shan Ramlakshman

DevOps Engineer


Nish Shah – Strategic Technical Advisor

Nish Shah is the chief technology officer for Integrated Media Management (IMM). Shah has more than 20 years of experience and has been leading IMM’s strategic technology and architecture direction as well as managing the products technical definition, design, and development. Shah also works with many customers for strategic IMM software planning, newer technology, Business Continuity planning, business re-engineering, Workflow solutions and has in-depth knowledge of many core host systems, Loan Origination Systems, Imaging and ECM systems. Shah has been a pioneer in Teller Capture Solutions for Check 21 and instrumental in forging the interfaces with many of the CORE system providers in the Financial Services.

Shah holds a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, AZ where he graduated with honors and has served as an advisor for the DeVry Institute technology committee. Shah has earned Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award from the New Jersey Chapter of the DeVry and Keller Alumni Association in June of 2012. Shah also served as a Member of the Indo American Cultural Foundation of Central New Jersey.

Geoffrey Barth – Strategic Technical Advisor

Geoffrey Barth is currently the Chief Technology officer at Counsel Press ‌Inc. and has been with the company since 2006. He is the head of the company-wide IT team located in the New York City headquarters location. Geoffrey’s position allows him tremendous visibility into customer, court and company friction points and allows him to design and implement custom application solutions that are industry specific and exclusive to Counsel Press Inc.

Prior to joining Counsel Press in 2006 Geoffrey worked for a Department of Energy National Laboratory building various IT systems and applications. Geoffrey has a strong background in a variety of programming languages, networking and database technologies and numerous software applications.

Geoffrey holds BS degree from St. Leo University and various professional certifications along with over 25 years in the IT field.

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