Client: Contact Center Solutions Company
Location: Spanish Fork, UT
Industry: Communications


The Company

When a small business contact center solutions provider (CCS) based out of Utah won a significant sized contract with a larger company (LC) they had a lot to do in very little time. In order to fulfill the requirement, they would have to increase staff by three times which required them to build out a new call center. Luckily, they did their due diligence, crunched numbers and had a budget for the infrastructure. However, because of the complexity, unforeseen issues with real estate and staffing would force the company to take some drastic measures. They decided to build the new call center in Costa Rica to meet the budget but a greater challenge was ahead.


The Challenge

The fine lines of the contract they signed with LC stated “Contractor shall not maintain any data, secure server, etc. under this Agreement in a location outside of the Continental United States…”  

The CCS company considered many options such as subletting to another local provider but the tight budget would quickly negate any such option. Through a personal contact, the CEO of CCS company reached out to Aufsite for advice.


The Solution

When Aufsite was presented with their concerns, our team quickly put together the requirements and began checking them off:

  • Servers need to be in the U.S
  • Call center user workstations need to be in the U.S
  • All data pertaining to LC needs to be in U.S
  • Team needed to be in Costa Rica
  • Data access needed to meet PCI compliance
  • CCS could not instate a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy

Using Aufsite’s signature approach, a thorough discovery was launched and CCS’s infrastructure design POC was underway.

Aufsite’s SMEs determined all of the LC’s data could be shifted to a dynamic cloud environment while keeping it on U.S soil. All data would be encrypted at rest and in transit while securely staged in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Among other best practice details such as segmenting data and applications, the technical controls would meet all PCI requirements.

As for the users, Aufsite provided the help center folks with zero-clients that would boot directly into their workspaces in the cloud which were also on U.S soil. This solved the BYOD and geolocation issue. Aufsite worked meticulously with the Costa Rica team to validate bandwidth requirements and ran through multiple iterations of testing until the users confirmed their satisfaction on functionality.

In conclusion, CCS was able to provide an extremely cost-effective solution as a call center to LC and they continue to scale today as they add additional seats to continue supporting the growing needs of their customer. They are doing it in a standard way with predictable costs per seat and workspaces.