What is a reactive migration trigger?

Reactive migration triggers arise when a client encounters an urgent business need or a business change. For example, customers will want to know how Azure Virtual Desktop can fulfill their demands and how fast they can get started. Some reactive migration triggers include:

  • Immediate security concerns: The use of Azure Virtual Desktop helps to boost security for your company. It stores data on the cloud rather than on personal devices, which ensures that it is safe. Also available are role-based access restrictions, which allow you to limit permissions and display to workers just the data and applications that are important to them.
  • Facilitating remote work: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) can assist you in connecting workers swiftly and securely to the cloud. ID and access control are provided by AVD, and people are connected over a secure network while data is kept safe.
  • Upgrading to a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license: Azure Virtual Desktop licenses are included with the purchase of Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Upgrade to virtualized desktops to get the most out of your investment and provide the best user experience for your employees at an industry-leading price.

What is an innovation migration trigger?

An innovation migration trigger occurs when consumers consider the long-term advantages of adopting a new technology. Innovation triggers will have lengthier sales cycles, and the buyer will want to see the whole proposal. Innovation migration triggers include:

  • Imposing a zero-trust policy: Azure Virtual Desktop protects sensitive data in the cloud, and user authentication protects access points. Because AVD is built in Azure, it can be linked to Microsoft Defender, Azure Protection Center, and Azure Arc for added security.
  • Increasing employee flexibility: Azure Virtual Desktop enables you to connect employees quickly and securely, regardless of their location. They will also have access to their virtualized desktop through their preferred qualifying device. You may also optimize employee profiles to provide apps tailored to certain users or roles.
  • IT cost and management optimization: Azure Virtual Desktop offers the most affordable virtualized Windows 10 with multi-session support. Turning off infrastructure when it is not in use may help you save money. You have the option of optimizing depending on cost or performance.

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