How to Design Cloud Solutions that Are Safe, Efficient, and Cost-effective?

Cloud backup allows your company to recover data, preserve business continuity, and guard against IT catastrophes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Aufsite work together to make backup and restoration solutions that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. They do this by using features you are already familiar with and the scalability and reliability of the AWS Cloud. Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard–IA), and Amazon S3 Glacier reduce the need for on-premises infrastructure provisioning and maintenance by providing faster backup times and easier data recovery.

Key Factors:

Restoration: Relying on tape media restorations might pose needless hazards since it often involves employing unreliable delivery equipment and increases the likelihood of user error. Unreliable procedures make it harder to reach recovery time goals, hurt performance and agility, and raise the risk of not following the rules.

Addressing data expansion: As more customers realize how important data is, data growth and a wider range of data types can make it harder to use storage optimization tools like deduplication and compression.

Pricing Models: Customers tell us that traditional software license procurement is slow, that ongoing maintenance and renewal prices are too costly, and that purchase agreements sometimes involve up-front commitments.

Planning & Scaling: Storage resources that are overprovisioned for backup workloads are allocated inefficiently during steady-state periods. The purpose of overprovisioning storage resources for backup workloads is to account for the unpredictability of peak demand, but it also results in idle resources during steady-state periods. Many solutions still require forklift moves, are still prone to outages, and increase the chance of losing data.


  • Reduced data recovery time
  • Maintain control over where data is stored
  • Reduce network latency
  • Reduce upfront capital expenditures and capacity planning difficulties
  • Remove bottlenecks and limitations from on-premises systems
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Choose a pay as you go plan for resources
  • Automate data transfer to lower-cost storage tiers
  • Lower upfront investment and requirement for over-provisioning
  • As workload demands change, scale resources up or down as needed
  • Distributed online data storage removes bottlenecks and limits
  • Immediate replication assures data security

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