How to Deliver Outstanding Value with AVD?

Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization technology has advanced to a new level with the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Give your employees a reliable and secure desktop that they can access from anywhere and one that works in the cloud. You can improve your customer experience significantly for less than $100 per month.

Key Elements:

  • Create virtual multi-session Windows 10 environments that are tailored to your needs.
  • Boost the security of remote work by integrating network security and identity management.
  • Make Microsoft 365 applications available.


  • Easy to set up and configure: Managing AVD is now simpler than it has ever been. You may install and manage virtual desktops and applications, assign users, and access monitoring and diagnostics using the Azure Portal. You get access to all of this via a single interface.
  • Budget-friendly: Because you only pay for virtual servers when your virtual desktops are active, Azure Virtual Desktop may save your company money. Furthermore, employing AVD reduces the amount of infrastructure necessary to operate a remote team.
  • Flexible: There are no contractual obligations with Azure Virtual Desktop, as there are with other Microsoft Cloud Services. The service is also more customizable than other solutions since it lets you select whether to provide your staff with the full desktop experience or only particular virtual applications. It’s also the only virtual desktop interface that supports multi-session Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Simple Scalability: You can rapidly provide your users with complete Windows 10 PCs that include all of their business software. As your workforce evolves, you may also increase or reduce the number of virtual desktops you utilize.

Note: Azure Virtual Desktop licenses are bundled with Microsoft 365 Business Premium (or other qualifying Microsoft 365 products). This is the recommended buying option by Microsoft. Customers who do not have Microsoft 365 Business Premium may buy licenses independently.

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