Cloud Backup

Protecting your critical data with cloud backups provides piece of mind.

One of the most valuable assets a business has is their data – and that includes everything from personnel files to financial records and files they work on every day. And when they cannot access their data because of system failure, a natural disaster or corrupted files their business effectively stops. 

Why back up your data?

Your business runs on vast volumes of data. You probably couldn’t even operate a full day without it. So chances are, you’re backing up your data regularly.

However, not all backup strategies are equal. In fact, some approaches can expose you to greater risks caused by everyday calamities, such as IT equipment or software failures or outages, theft or loss of IT devices, extreme weather, data corruption issues, or ransomware.

If you aren’t backing up at all, your need is even more urgent, as one major event could wipe out all your data.


Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

Infrastructure Backup (Server Files & Folders)

Workstations (Physical or Virtual)
Aufsite Cloud Backup

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